Here are some of our specialties.
Our flour artists are always ready to bake every kind of delicacies, from the most classic loaves of bread to the fanciest focaccias.

Hand-stretched grissini.
Among the most typical products of Turin, with a little more choice in flavors.

Water, oil, olives, onions, kamut and fiber,
beside the sweet chocolate and nuts, to satisfy even the most demanding taste.

Torta Langarola.
A hazelnut specialty,
from the Langhe.

Ours leavened delicacies,
without additives and made with our special “lievito madre”, handmade yeast. Seasonal products,
like colomba and panettone.
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The Giacomilla.
A leavened dessert that comes in more than one version, with orange, lemon and cedar barks during the wamer seasons, and with apricots and chocolate when the cold arrives.

Petit four, paste di meliga, krumiri, lingue di gatto
and all the typical Piedmontese pastries.